Everything you want to ask know about SEO (but were afraid to ask)

How much will it cost?

This depends on a couple of criteria; what keywords you want to target and how competitive they are in your city. While we need to do the research before giving an accurate cost, we can state that our average monthly fee is in the region of £900 per month.

Will you also work with my competitors?

We only accept two plastic surgeries as a clients in each city. Why? As the majority of traffic comes from the top 2 rankings – we believe it is a conflict of interest to have more than two clients competing for these positions. We think it is unethical if we have to decide who should be in the top 2. Whereas other SEO agencies will happily accept multiple plastic surgeries clients in the same city all chasing the same search terms, we don’t.
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Can you guarantee me a number 1 position?

In short no because we don't own Google. What we can guarantee is that when we do the research and we think a number 1 ranking is possible then we will state this and also give you a time frame for achieving this. This will then form one of the key performance indicators for the campaign.

Can we pay once you achieve the rankings?

Unfortunately no. The reason for this is two-fold. We, like you offer a specialist professional service and deserve to be remunerated. Secondly the focus on rankings forces to the SEO agency to build links 'unnaturally'. Yes we may get short term gains but in the long term this strategy may lead to a Google penalty and the rankings disappearing.

How long is the contract?

We don’t tie our plastic surgery clients into longer term contracts. While other agencies will look to tie a dental practice into a 12 month contract, we don’t because we are confident in our abilities to deliver the search engine rankings that will deliver you new patients. If you are not happy with our service, simply give us 30 days notice and that is it. We are glad to say that no one has left us yet though.